About Us

Card & Design is one of three EmployMEnt Pathways at Swiss Cottage School in the London borough of Camden which enables design and making as a route to supported employment for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The EmployMEnt Pathway is a department model which caters to pupils strengths and preferences for work. 


The Post-16 pupil team work together to run the online shop, manage sales and orders whilst also designing and making the products.



There are three departments; Design (creating the art work or glazing the pottery), Making (putting the cards together or slip casting) and Administration (ordering the resources and managing the online shop). In each department, pupils work in job roles that support their skills and preferences.

The EmployMEnt Pathway vision at Swiss Cottage School is to provide a meaningful and functional Work Experience and in-house Supported Internship pathway. It supports pupils to understand and be motivated to join the world of work and aims to successfully engage with the community to build capacity with local employers in how to support people with SEND into employment.

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